How to Enhance Client Communications with Composition Strategies

Venture recently held its first webinar in a four-part series entitled: Four Steps to Transform Your Customer Communications. During this first webinar we discussed how data solutions optimize not only data, but the entire production chain by examining four procedures that optimize data: selection by business rules, merge/purge, USPS compliance processing and integrating information files.

We’re currently gearing up for our second webinar in our series which takes place on May 7. This webinar will focus on composition and look at the two major components of composition in customer communication management:

  • Document Programming
    This component manages the interplay between the static and variable content within the document, as well as mapping the input data to the variable areas. The webinar will show how the current ability to program the entire document, as essentially variable content, provides ample opportunity to personalize the document and create relevant communication for the customer. Also, the current level of programming sophistication allows clients to select only content the customer needs to receive, thereby trimming the amount of information that is printed and deployed.
  • Document Design
    This component manages how the document looks and reads for the recipient. This is where businesses can elevate a transactional document for its customers to a communication document. The webinar will show:
    • A common process for designing a document, including how to manage shareholders, budgets and timelines.
    • Two examples of document redesign that communicate as well as transact.
    • The prevailing strategies for creating omni-channel documents (documents ready to mail, email and mobile) to ensure you’re using your design resources efficiently while mitigating risk in a compliant communication situation.

Additionally, we’ll briefly examine some emerging trends in document composition that you can expect to see much more of in 2015, such as online self-service document editing and dynamic statements. Joining us on this webinar is Venture’s Programming Manager, Dave Schuller. Dave has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of content management and data processing. Learn more about composition by joining us during our free webinar.

About the author

Solutions Architect

Mark has 25 years of experience in the areas of business development, data solutions, database development, document composition and programming. Mark joined Venture Solutions in 2005 as business development director. In his current role as solution architect, Mark works closely with Venture’s relationship managers during the early stages of the sales process. His role is to listen to, learn about and define the needs and requirements of the clients within the larger context of their business planning and goals. He then develops a proposal that aligns those needs and requirements with Venture’s standard services. In addition to Mark’s experience, he is also involved with Xplor International, a non-profit association promoting the use and advancement of data-driven document composition, programming and deployment for critical customer communications.