Is Your Mail Program Ready? Postal Rate Increases Set for April 2015

It was recently announced that the USPS filed a market dominant price change, which means if approved, rates may increase by two percent. The proposed effective date is April 26, 2015.

With this recent announcement, it appears the USPS is keeping the exigency rate surcharge, which was discussed in my earlier blog post: 2015 Postal Rates – What to Expect, as well as now raising the existing rates. If these new rates go into effect in April, here are a few key changes that could take place:

  • First Class stamp – A one ounce letter will remain at $0.49 cents, but the cost of a metered mail piece will increase by $0.005 cents to $0.485, which will be a $0.005 cents savings over regular stamped mail.
  • Postcard – The cost of a postcard will increase by $0.01 cents whether you pay full postage or qualify for discounts.
  • Automation – For customers taking advantage of automation, the average cost per piece will increase by one cent each.
  • Non-drop Ship Mailings – Standard Class rates for basic non-drop ship mailings will increase by $0.005, give or take $0.001 depending on qualification levels.

Along with the price changes, the USPS has filed to be allowed to provide four new promotions for 2015:

  • Earned Value Reply Mail Promotion: May – July 2015 – Encourages mailers to use First-Class Mail as the primary channel for outgoing mailings to their customers through Business Reply Mail and Courtesy Reply Mail envelopes. For mailers taking advantage of this promotion, the USPS will provide a rebate on their outgoing mail costs.
  • Advanced and Emerging Technology Promotion: May – October 2015 – Encourages mailers to integrate their direct mail with mobile technology or new advances in print, such as innovations in print and ink, use of standard Near Field Communications (NFC) technology or an enhanced augmented reality experience, such as 3D animation.
  • Color Transpromo Promotion: June – November 2015 – Encourages mailers of bills and statements to integrate color into messages in an effort to create a higher response from customers. This promotion will provide an upfront postage discount to those who qualify.
  • Mail Drives Mobile Engagement Promotion: July – December 2015 – Building on previous similar promotions, this promotion demonstrates how direct mail, combined with mobile technology, continues to be a popular option to help engage consumers through printed mail pieces.

To learn more about how you and your business can optimize your mail program, click here. To learn more about the 2015 postal rates, follow our blog.

About the author

Postal Compliance Officer

Diane has 40 years of experience in the areas of print and mail including production, commingling and postal compliance. As postal compliance officer, Diane ensures postal compliance for Venture Solutions and works to achieve optimal postal benefits for Venture’s current and new clients. Prior to joining Venture Solutions in 2003, Diane was serving as the production manager with IC System, which was acquired by Venture in 2003.