Webinar: Leverage Deployment to Improve Customer Engagement & ROI

We are now half way through our webinar series of Venture’s four areas of expertise that we collectively refer to as The Venture Advantage.

On Thursday, May 21 we present the third webinar in our series, with a focus on Presentation. This topic includes the various deployment channels for critical customer communication, including mail, email and online self-service portals. The webinar will look at these channels in two ways:

Major Influencers on Deployment Decisions

  • Government Regulations – Agencies such as the SEC, FTC and the CFPB wield enormous influence over critical customer communication, from content to deployment. This webinar will look specifically at the CFPB and how its philosophy and policies impact the way customer communications are deployed.
  • Customer Preference – We are in an unprecedented era of consumer empowerment, fueled by search engines, social media and mobile devices. This webinar will speak to this new empowerment and how it drives consumer preferences for deployment.
  • Internal Cost Controls – New postal rates were recently approved and they will go into effect May 31, 2015. While some rates will remain unchanged, many rates will be increasing. With these ever rising costs there is enormous pressure within companies to manage expenses related to customer communication. This webinar will speak to strategies companies are using to migrate more communication from traditional mail to eDelivery.

Current Trends of Three Deployment Channels

  • Print and Mail – Despite ever rising costs, print and mail remains the dominant channel for customer communication. This webinar will look at advances in inkjet full-color printing and how it’s becoming the norm for customer communication.
  • Email – This webinar will look at how companies are using email not only to deploy customer communication, but to also accelerate migration from print and mail to eDelivery.
  • Online Self-Service – This webinar will look at using SMS text messages—a less expensive deployment option— to drive traffic to self-service websites.

Webinar participants will get fresh insight into what is driving their company’s customer communications deployment mix and how to better leverage deployment to increase customer engagement and satisfaction, as well as improve ROI.

For this webinar, I will be joined by Meghan Peterson, Venture’s eSolutions Client Consulting. Meghan has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of eSolutions/Technologies. Join us on May 21, 2015 to learn more about the topic of Presentation.

About the author

Solutions Architect

Mark has 25 years of experience in the areas of business development, data solutions, database development, document composition and programming. Mark joined Venture Solutions in 2005 as business development director. In his current role as solution architect, Mark works closely with Venture’s relationship managers during the early stages of the sales process. His role is to listen to, learn about and define the needs and requirements of the clients within the larger context of their business planning and goals. He then develops a proposal that aligns those needs and requirements with Venture’s standard services. In addition to Mark’s experience, he is also involved with Xplor International, a non-profit association promoting the use and advancement of data-driven document composition, programming and deployment for critical customer communications.