Cut Postage Costs: The Benefits of Commingled Mail

Fall is upon us, which for many companies means it’s time to start planning 2016 budgets. As you’re looking for areas to manage costs better, you may review your mailing programs. It’s no secret postage costs eat up a lot of your budget, but are you aware the United States Postal Service (USPS®) offers postage discounts for mailers meeting certain criteria? One of the best discounts available to any mailer is for commingling mail. What is commingling and why does it warrant a discount? Mail from multiple companies is combined and pre-sorted together to reach the volume requirements for discounted postal rates. The discount is available to any mailer and is offered for pre-sorting work completed for the USPS ahead of time.

In addition to the postal savings, commingling can offer other benefits as well! Here’s a real-world example to learn from of a company that experienced many benefits from commingling their mail.

A Venture client was in growth mode and knew it needed to manage their mailing costs better. After reviewing the full scope of their mailing programs, Venture proposed commingling the client’s mail programs with the overall Venture mail stream so the client could benefit from volume discounts and reduce their mailing costs. As a result, the client reduced the per-piece postage cost by 7% and tripled their annual postage savings in the first year as compared to not commingling and receiving minimal discounts on their own. An added benefit was expedited delivery by at least one day due to improved presort qualifications through commingling.

So how do you find out if commingling is right for you? To get started have a good overview of your entire mail program, including your average mail drop volumes and frequency. Then, seek out a vendor who offers commingled mail services. Make sure the vendor has secure mail facilities and also has expertise in understanding and applying postal regulations and qualifications to be sure you’re in compliance and can qualify for discounted rates whenever possible.

To learn more about commingling check out Venture’s mail solutions.

About the author

Postal Compliance Officer

Diane has 40 years of experience in the areas of print and mail including production, commingling and postal compliance. As postal compliance officer, Diane ensures postal compliance for Venture Solutions and works to achieve optimal postal benefits for Venture’s current and new clients. Prior to joining Venture Solutions in 2003, Diane was serving as the production manager with IC System, which was acquired by Venture in 2003.