The Future of Customer Communications: Emerging Trends Explained

What do consumers want to see in their statements, bills and notifications – and how do they want to receive them? What are companies planning to do to address these consumer preferences – and meet their internal objectives?

To answer these questions, InfoTrends conducted its Annual State of the Transactional Communications Market Survey earlier this year, polling 250 businesses and 2,000 consumers regarding their priorities, plans and preferences for transactional communications between the company and the customer.

Among the highlights from the extensive survey results:

  • We’ve all heard the cry – Mail is dead! Yet, 65% of consumers opt to receive both paper and electronic versions for at least half of all transactional communications.
  • Mobile gets all of the buzz. And while it has made the biggest leap as a priority for companies, mail, web and email all remain high priorities as well.
  • Mobile payment through apps is growing rapidly, up over 25% since last year’s consumer survey.
  • Wearable technology – smartwatches, fitness bands – is a hot topic, but only 1 in 8 consumers expect to use wearable technology to access transactional communications in the next three years. And, while younger demographics (18-44) expect higher usage, they still only top out at 16%.

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