Pigment-Based Ink: The Advantages You Need to Know

When you’re creating content to pass along to clients, looks really do matter. Printed documents are not created equally — there’s a huge difference between images that seem to just sit there and ones that seem to jump off the page.

At Venture Solutions, we are constantly implementing new ways to improve your image on printer paper and in the market. Inkjet printing has seen significant advancements in recent years. Taking advantage of these improvements, we are announcing our move from dye to pigment-based ink to provide enhanced color as part of strengthening your brand. This allows us to print images that will jump off the page. As technology progresses, your clients, partners and colleagues expect the very best pieces of physical content, and now you can provide a superior visual experience with pigment-based ink advantages.

What are the benefits of pigment based ink?

Over the years dye-based inks have been the go-to solution for high-speed inkjet printers. They were an acceptable solution in the early days of high-speed inkjet printing, but they couldn’t match the vibrant color of offset printing that the world was used to. Recent technological advances have made pigment-based ink the more attractive option. Today, pigment-based ink produces more vibrant images with higher color fidelity. They also provide resistance to fading and water smudging for extra durability. While dye-based ink seeps into paper, pigment-based ink rests on top of it, creating vivid images for any application. Because the pigment does not disappear into the paper, charts, graphs, pictures and words pop as they do in offset printing. Even mundane subjects can look stunning with pigment-based ink.

The Right Direction

Printing technology is continually evolving, and businesses must adapt if they want to make a positive impression with their stakeholders. When you know your printed documents feature ink that is becoming the industry standard, it’s easier to feel confident in the look of your work. Pigment-based ink will be that industry standard in the coming years, so it’s important to make the switch to vibrant images now. Today’s companies must create documents that not only get facts or ideas across, but also leave a mental image in a person’s mind. People are visual — in fact, the part of the brain that processes images is much larger than the area that processes words. New ink technology allows you to clarify your messaging and leave a meaningful impression.

Inspire Your Audience with Printed Technology Advances

When you’re developing a data-driven communication strategy, you need every advantage you can get. Our client services team can work closely with yours to optimize your print projects and bring out their full potential. When you combine this strategic approach with pigment-based ink that grabs people’s attention, you’re sure to increase engagement and get your message across effectively. Your communications are meant to inform, confirm, transact and offer. Color plays an important role communicating these ideas, and now that it is even more accurate and vibrant, your communication can move forward even more.

A Piece of the Puzzle

Ink and print isn’t everything when it comes to a well-rounded communication strategy, so incorporate this pigment-based printing solution into your multichannel communications approach. The new ink closes the visual gap between print and digital displays, giving you the opportunity to freely move content from the printed page to the electronic screen. As customers demand more multichannel delivery for their critical documents, this development is critical to delivering on that demand. The new ink not only promises to make print communication more compelling, but it will also raise the bar for other important communication channels.

At Venture Solutions, we are always investing in new ways to help your business operate more effectively. Printing is just one of our multichannel services, so learn more about our multifaceted approach today!

About the author

Solutions Architect

Mark has 25 years of experience in the areas of business development, data solutions, database development, document composition and programming. Mark joined Venture Solutions in 2005 as business development director. In his current role as solution architect, Mark works closely with Venture’s relationship managers during the early stages of the sales process. His role is to listen to, learn about and define the needs and requirements of the clients within the larger context of their business planning and goals. He then develops a proposal that aligns those needs and requirements with Venture’s standard services. In addition to Mark’s experience, he is also involved with Xplor International, a non-profit association promoting the use and advancement of data-driven document composition, programming and deployment for critical customer communications.