Our powerful direct marketing platform helps you reach your target audience more effectively. Automated technology allows you to manage direct communications across all delivery channels and maintain a consistent brand experience for customers. Online touchpoint tools offer easy access for creating, implementing, and tracking all your campaigns.

Data Mapping
Define how your lead data maps onto templates for highly personalized marketing communications.
Customizable Structures
Multiple campaign types let you determine how leads are enrolled into campaigns.
Scheduled Delivery
Self-service tools allow you to set up multi-touch campaigns that suit your specific audience.
Engagement Tracking
Monitor campaign performance with A/B testing reports that let you evaluate different messaging.
Direct Integration
Connect to your CRM database or website for an even smoother campaign enrollment process.
Venture CAMPAIGN™ | Marketing Campaign Platform

Expert Guidance

Our highly experienced software team is available to offer insights and suggestions for optimizing campaigns.


Segment Targeting

Send communications to qualified leads from any source and leverage your lead generation database.


Data Security

Our rigorous security protocols protect your creative assets and your customers' data throughout the campaign lifecycle.


Strategy Analysis

Pinpoint successful campaign content and messaging with robust performance analytics and A/B testing.


Promote Specific Events with Ad Hoc Campaigns

Our ad hoc option allows you to upload a single list of contacts to fully customize a focused campaign leading up to a specific event. Leads can be enrolled from organic search, social media, or even from your integrated corporate website. Set up a one-time campaign that raises awareness of any promotional rates, new features or programs, or any other time-sensitive offers.

Full Automation for Lead Lifecycle Management

Venture CAMPAIGN™ can be integrated with most major CRM systems, website hosting platforms, and all programs at Venture Solutions, to efficiently manage marketing campaigns throughout your lead's lifecycle. With fully automated campaigns, you can thoroughly customize communications around where leads are in the buying process and set touchpoints triggered by different behavior.


On-Demand Functionality for Total Self-Service

Your team members can set up multi-touch campaigns targeting a list of their lead contacts. Users may customize their messaging and touchpoints with approved branding and content assets for consistent customer experience. Deploy loyalty campaigns targeting existing customers with personalized marketing communications to build trust and familiarity with your brand.

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