A 50-year legacy of communications expertise

Our history: From three original BPO companies, a single vision

For more than 50 years, we’ve been providing high quality print communications and data services to customers all over the U.S.

Venture Solutions traces its roots back to three pioneers that joined forces to better serve its clients:

  • Founded in 1959, SCICOM Data Services was a market leader in custom data services and customer communications for highly regulated industries.
  • Corporate Graphics Direct Marketing Solutions (CGDMS), formed in 1970, provided variable print, data processing, mail and interactive services to clients of all sizes.
  • Formed in 1972, Venture Encoding was a market leader in printing payment-related documents for the financial industry.
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Our Taylor Corporation connection sets us apart

We’re proud to be part of the Taylor Corporation, one of the top three graphic communications providers (and owner of the most diverse digital print platform) in North America. A family-owned business since 1975, Taylor has more than 80 affiliated companies around the globe.

Our expertise as a top BPO company gives our clients in highly regulated industries a competitive advantage

Effective data management and document services are complex in any industry—with speed-to-market and customer service pressures at every turn. But the needs of our clients in industries such as mortgage and auto servicing, consumer banking, retirement, healthcare, insurance, utilities and communications come with a special set of challenges and opportunities.

We integrate that knowledge of compliance-driven markets and the critical communications on which they rely into every one of our processes, from data solutions to document design and multichannel delivery. Our company exists to make your compliance headaches disappear—so you can focus fully on meeting your business goals and keeping your customers happy.

Start creating critical communications that inspire customer action.

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Start creating critical communications that inspire customer action.