Personalized Video Communications™

Personalized Video Communications™ help your customers understand their statements and other complex documents using customizable videos that are tailored to their individual needs. Personalized video messages explain critical communications and empower customers to make more informed decisions about their accounts. Personalized Video Communications™ are the latest innovation in CCM, providing vital information to customers in an easy-to-follow format, customized with relevant details for an even greater impact.

How CCM Works with Personalized Video Communications™

Personalized Details
Reference a customer's name, address, account information, and transactional details.
Customized Messaging
Create cross-sell opportunities with custom marketing messages based on profile data.
Visual Instructions
Illustrative learning cues teach customers how to understand their data and documents.
Omni-Channel Compatible
QR codes and links give customers the choice of how to consume content.
Tracking Reports
Monitor engagement via the personalized video platform for full visibility and security.
Personalized Video Communications™

Boost Engagement

Offering an engaging option to navigate communications improves client experience and increases responses.


Cost Savings

Self-service support for customers reduces call center volumes and operational costs for your business.


Higher Retention

Customers who understand their account and what options they have are more likely to remain loyal.


Brand Recognition

Solidify your brand as experts in your industry who proactively communicate helpful information to customers.


How Personalized Video Communications™ Help Make Consumer Literacy Accessible

Multi-lingual text and voice-over options let you craft dynamic communications to suit every segment of your customer base. Support education efforts for all customers—especially those who face more significant barriers to accessing help—with videos that allow them to understand clearly explained information through their preferred method and language.

Visual Account Information Available on Demand

Personalized Video Communications™ are sent directly to the customer and are available 24/7. Customers can view content that helps them understand their statements and account updates. Personalized videos can even be used for marketing opportunities if the customer becomes eligible for additional services or products. Responsive video designs easily adjust between devices, so customers can watch their videos on the go.  


Self-Service Support that Reflects the Customer's Needs

Interactive video technology using personalized data makes it easier for customers to understand their complex statements.  Customizing each video with individual account information through our personalized video software makes abstract instructions actionable, even for customers whose accounts may involve unique features or possible complications. 

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