Payment Optimization

B2B payments can now be part of your digital transformation strategy. Venture Solutions offers an enterprise payment optimization solution that bypasses check production entirely, converting supplier transactions into an electronic credit card, ACH, or substitute check.

How Payment Optimization Works

Cost Effective
Eliminate production costs of printing paper checks.
Enhanced Security
Payment details are kept secure online.
Smooth Implementation
Integrates with your existing payment processes.
Increased Flexibility
Suppliers can pick from a variety of payment methods.
Tracking Reports
Confirm remittance and payments with electronic records.
Payment Optimization Solution


Reduce fraud, chargebacks, and unwanted fees along with the risks of printed check stock.



Eliminate delayed payments caused by prolonged handling and mailing timelines.



Electronic card funds are guaranteed by trusted brands: Visa/Mastercard.



We coordinate with suppliers willing to participate, so you don’t have to.


Electronic Payments that Actually Generate Revenue

If your supplier payments are converted into electronic credit cards, those credit card companies will send you a rebate payment for bringing the transaction to them. So, not only can you reduce operational costs incurred by printing checks for every supplier payment, but you can even generate revenue at the same time.

Make Supplier Payments on Time, Every Time

One of the risks of relying on printed checks for transactions is that you cannot complete your payment to suppliers until they physically have the check in hand. Delays in print production or mail delivery might mean complicated accounting reconciliations for both you and your suppliers. Electronic payments avoid those risks and reduce the number of inquiries from suppliers about payment status.


Simple Process that Makes a Huge Impact

Payment Optimization is simple with Venture Solutions. The client sends us their check payments file which is then reviewed for any businesses that have opted in for electronic payment. If a supplier is enrolled, their checks are converted into their preferred payment method and delivered via email with payment instructions. If they are not enrolled, their checks are printed and delivered as usual. It's that easy!

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