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As experts in CCM, Venture Solutions knows that high-powered data solutions for customer communications management are just as important as they are for other areas of your business. Our team has put our many decades of experience to work by building out data solutions and services within our secure CCM framework, allowing our clients to create more efficient, cost-effective, and customizable customer communications.

Take Control of Critical Customer Data

Data Integration
We can analyze your internal information systems to improve data collection, consolidation, and usage. This leads to faster turn times and greater opportunities for personalization.
You already have key data points for your customers. Venture Solutions will mine, enhance, and optimize your own data sources to personalize your communications and increase your engagement.
Data Optimization
We provide all the required USPS processing procedures to ensure your postage costs are optimized. We also provide high-end processing for consolidations, merge/purge, and calculations.
Data Targeting
In addition to optimizing your data for transactional communications, Venture Solutions has expertise in using data to create targeted and meaningful marketing campaigns. We offer customer record enhancement, geofencing technology, and analytic modeling.
Power in Data

Power in Data

We analyze your system integrations to streamline your data, improve efficiency, and strengthen your message.

Personalized Messaging

Personalized Messaging

Our data solutions allow you to create meaningful messages and personalized campaigns for each customer.

Track Your Performance

Track Your Performance

Increase your success using our detailed data visibility tools to boost your response rates and improve customer engagement.

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