Venture works with all your critical communication programs including:

  • Certificate of Benefits
  • EOBS / EOBS with Matching Check
  • EOPS
  • Patient-Friendly Statements
  • ePresentment
  • Patient Payment Portals
  • Self-Service Web Portals
  • Email Notifications
  • Kits for Healthcare Member Communications Solutions
  • Contract
  • Provider and Member Reimbursement Checks
  • Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTS)
  • Authorization Letters
  • Claim Letters
  • Approvals
  • Provider Statements
  • Bills – Individual and Group
  • Identification Cards
  • Scorecards
  • Marketing Programs
  • Newsletters

Venture's online electronic presentment and payment solution offers your customers a convenient and easy-to-use option for viewing and paying their bills online. Additionally, our Preference Center allows customers to manage their delivery preferences for each type of communication. Our solutions are responsive to the device customers use—whether it be computer, tablet or smart phone.  

Venture’s return mail service takes the time, effort and guesswork out of processing returned First-Class mail pieces.

Venture|critical is a cost-effective service that ensures high volume, mission-critical communications reach the customer in a timely manner. Your documents can be delivered via next day/second day service through the world’s two largest freight carriers—UPS and FedEx—ensuring you comply with regulations by meeting timing and documentation requirements.

We offer Venture|critical—our cost-effective service to ensure mission-critical communications reach the customer in a timely manner. Part of this is Venture’s Certified Mail solution, which handles the processing, mailing, delivery confirmation via eSignatures and returned signature cards or undeliverable mail pieces for you. Our automated solution meets all USPS requirements, is automated for low and high volumes and uses only USPS-approved forms.

Yes. We have partnerships with many of these companies and we have experience integrating with all types of servicing systems.

Venture|access is an online 24/7 customer care tool that provides clients live, up-to-date information to help manage customers’ needs and requests regarding products Venture prepares and supplies. The self-service tool provides real-time access to work-in-progress jobs at five key checkpoints including production details and account-level listing for each job, as well as supplying a PDF of the produced document. Venture|access allows online job proofing and provides mail tracking information, including inbound and outbound, as well as many other online reports on the products, invoices and more.