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Postage Update: Changes to Service Standards

Claire Henderson
by Claire Henderson

March 29, 2022

The USPS quotes the following as changes to service standards that may be expected: 

Service standards for Commercial First-Class Mail entered at a local facility will not change. 

First-Class Mail traveling within a local area (up to a three-hour drive time) will not experience a service standard change and would still be delivered within two days. 

61 percent of current First-Class Mail volume and 93 percent of current Periodicals volume will stay at its current standard. 

81 percent of current First-Class 2-day volume will retain its two-day standard. Overall, 70 percent of First-Class Mail volume would receive a standard of one to three days. 

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Current First-Class 3-day volume will be subject to a 3-, 4-, or 5-day service standard, depending on the distance between origin processing facility and destination processing facility. 

Of the current First-Class 3-day volume, 47 percent will remain three-day, 36 percent will move to 4-day, and 17 percent will move to 5-day. 

In addition to these logistics and operations changes, the USPS will be reviewing postal products and services to determine where they can implement more competitive market pricing. As these new products and services are announced, we will keep aware of those changes to identify any new programs our clients may qualify for and help them take advantage of opportunities to reduce their mailing costs. 

Figure 17 from the USPS' "Delivering for America: Our Vision and Ten-Year Plan to Achieve Financial Sustainability and Service Excellence" 

USPS Simplified Transportation Network

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