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Postage Update: USPS Announces New Rate Increases Coming This July

Claire Henderson
by Claire Henderson

June 22, 2022

The USPS' proposed postage rate increases have been approved by the Postal Rate Commission (PRC) and will take effect on July 10th, 2022.

These rate increases—which, starting in 2023, will happen twice a year in January and July—help support the USPS Delivering for America plan, which is intended to provide much-needed investments to core Postal Service infrastructure and ensure lower costs for postage rates in the long term.

The approximate rate increases are: 

First-Class Mail 3.45%
Presorted Letters–AADC Rate 6.51%
Full Rate Letters–Metered 7.55%
Flats–Varies by Weight Avg. 10–12%
True Postcards 9.43%

For Certified Mail, the approximate fee increases are: 

Certified 6.67%
Return Receipt 6.56%
Electronic 8.11%




As always, Venture Solutions actively works on behalf of our clients to find the lowest rates for our clients. This includes identifying any promotional discounts they qualify for, such as any of the six promotions the USPS is offering through 2022. We also perform rigorous data quality analysis to minimize the high costs of returned mail and leverage our mailing volume to maximize cost saving opportunities for all our clients. 

Let us know if you have any questions about these rate increases, what Venture Solutions is doing to help reduce your postage costs, or how to encourage e-adoption among your customers with our digital solutions.

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