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Postage Update: USPS Connect

Claire Henderson
by Claire Henderson

March 22, 2022

The USPS hopes to fully utilize and realign their network logistics to reflect more efficient deliveries in local areas. Their new USPS Connect suite of solutions will offer a range of services and resources to connect businesses to their customers and successfully meet new service commitments. 

Highlights of USPS Connect’s delivery options: 

  • USPS Connect Local: same-day or next-day delivery with access to local drop points and services 
  • USPS Connect Regional: 1- to 2-day deliveries using the distribution center networks 
  • USPS Connect National: same day, next day, and 2- to 5-day deliveries using the national network of distribution centers (though somewhat limited by origin/destination locations) 
  • USPS Connect Returns: simplifies returns with convenient services such as label printing, pickup, and packaging options
  • USPS E-Commerce Marketplace: access USPS customers directly through a branded online storefront that offers product management and payment processing.
  • And Other Value-Added Services
Venture Solutions Postage Updates

These new services are intended to bring on-time deliveries back up to a rate of 95% year-round. The USPS’ wide network of distribution centers and processing facilities matches well with Venture Solutions’ own nationwide footprint of manufacturing facilities. Our five locations are conveniently located across the country so we can strategically plan which production location will be the most efficient and cost-effective option for each of our clients. This is one of the ways that we actively help our clients reduce mailing costs and achieve their targeted delivery timelines.

Figure 13 from the USPS' "Delivering for America: Our Vision and Ten-Year Plan to Achieve Financial Sustainability and Service Excellence"

USPS Connect Network Map

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