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Supply Chain Update: Paper and Envelope Statuses as Peak Season Approaches

Claire Henderson
by Claire Henderson

October 27, 2022

Our supply chain experts continue to monitor the status of supply availability in the industry as well as any other potential factors that could impact our clients. 

Regarding paper supply, one of Venture Solutions’ major mills has added capacity that can support inkjet and uncoated paper grades and will be available sometime next year. Mills continue to cut SKUs and products in order to keep up with their A and B item demand. This indicates that supply chain issues persist within the market.  

Supplier prices for paper materials have continued to rise, as shown in the CPI-U and WPU0911 indices. Overall, the market seems to be focusing on rollstock as a primary item, and cutsheet is beginning to get less attention. Venture Solutions’ procurement team has secured 8.5x14” paper from a merchant provider and is working with operations business owners for testing in Fort Worth and Arden Hills. 

Lead times for envelope orders are still between 6–8 months with some improvements from a few providers. However, White Wove envelopes are still a bottleneck in the supply chain, leading to extended lead times. 

Our parent company, Taylor Corporation, expects to see price increases in October and January as mills are beginning to shift the burden and responsibility of freight to their buyers. This has the potential for significant increases throughout 2023. 

Restricted capacity in the warehousing industry and complications to river and railway freight pose slight risks for slowdowns leading up to the holiday season, but we will continue to monitor the situation and alert clients of any serious risks. Our team still fully expects to be able to meet demands for year-end production and is well-supplied to support our clients’ programs for peak season. 

Workers in hard hats and high vis vests stand in front of stacks of shipping containers.

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