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Supply Chain Update: Transportation Improvements and Supply Availability for 2022 Year-End

Claire Henderson
by Claire Henderson

December 09, 2022

Our operations and sourcing experts continue to closely monitor new developments in supply chain challenges and the status of material availability. 

Although transportation difficulties from ocean freight are still affecting inland transportation, we have seen improvement overall compared to the state of transportation this month last year. Conservative forecasting for the holiday season may result in opportunities to take advantage of decreased freight cost and usage. Venture Solutions plans to leverage our workshare abilities across our platform to maximize any cost savings possible for our clients. 

Inventory at the mills continues to sit at an all-time low. Some vendors are now requiring lead times of 70 days or more, requiring solution providers to be particularly careful in how they plan usage and timing to restock materials. Constraints on the envelope market are gradually lifting, but average lead times still vary across the industry.  

We will continue to keep track of these areas and more to keep clients up to date as the market continues to change little by little. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, and our experts will be happy to offer their insights. 

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