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Discover the Benefits of a CCM Platform

Terra Topik
by Terra Topik

August 22, 2023

Have you ever left a customer service call feeling frustrated? Vowed to stop using a company based on a bad customer experience? Then you understand the value of good customer communication, support, and service, and why a high quality CCM platform is so important. 


What is a CCM Platform?

CCM, or Customer Communications Management, is used in many industries including Mortgage, Finance, Wealth Management, Healthcare, Insurance, and Media & Communications. It supports and streamlines communications between a business and its customers: a successful CCM enables businesses to compile customer data for the creation, distribution, and delivery of relevant personalized documents in various formats. 

It takes approximately 12 positive customer interactions with your brand to offset one unresolved negative customer experience. A quality CCM platform can help ensure all your customer interactions and communications, including statements, invoices, letters, and renewals, are positive. 


How Can a CCM Platform Help Your Organization?

A CCM platform provides efficiency, centralization, personalization, visibility, omni-channel delivery, reporting and repository organization, and more.  

Let’s take a closer look at what a dynamic CCM platform can do for your organization. 


Digital Transformation

Your business shouldn’t be caught up in complex legacy systems loaded with essential data that only accommodates print output. 

Companies with complicated IT structures benefit from employing a cutting-edge CCM platform to centralize customer communications on a single user interface with data-driven analysis to personalize omni-channel digital interactions. Connect with customers anytime, anywhere through email, SMS text, personalized videos, web pages, or social media. 

The global pandemic reinforced the need for digital transformation within companies as a means of survival. As the population moved online, businesses were forced to find new approaches to create compelling customer experiences across digital channels. A Customer Communications Management platform allows you to seamlessly connect with your on-the-go customers using their preferred delivery method. 


Let’s Get Personal

Creating highly personalized documents using customer-specific criteria deployed from a Customer Communication Management platform is an essential part of today’s customer experience. Personalized communications help customers feel bonded to your brand and encourage engagement. Plus, on-the-go customers want the ability to view their communications in real time across different devices. 

The right CCM platform manages customer preferences including language choices, accessibility needs, and preferred delivery methods. This allows you to send your customers the right message, at the right time, using the right delivery channel.  

Take it up a notch with personalized video communications that provide an interactive approach to understanding complex communications.  This makes it easy for customers to engage with your content and provides answers to common inquiries which reduces call volumes. 


Information is Power

A CCM platform empowers clients with self-service features and provides immediate access to current information. 

Elevate customer experience by ensuring your team has all the information they need to quickly address customer concerns. A CCM platform provides the ability to search and view documents and communication histories with efficiency and ease. You can also monitor production status at every stage and track delivery with full visibility of each customer’s communications. 

Customers that receive successful support and up-to-date information through your CCM platform are more likely to recommend your business to friends and family. This is a key component of customer loyalty, retention, and acquisition.


Dynamic Documents

The more customers you acquire, the more documents there are to distribute. 

However, using cutting-edge composition tools, a robust CCM platform can create dynamic designs that optimize your documents and increase customer engagement. Self-service templates also allow you to create and manage customizable content without involving programming resources. This reduces costs and allows you to seamlessly connect with your customers using their preferred delivery method. Easily create communications for any delivery channel including print, email, or SMS text with perfectly rendered variable content to make each page attractive. 


A Single Source

Combining all aspects of document design, production, and delivery into a single CCM platform allows your company to focus on its core business while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Implementing a Customer Communications Management platform improves operational efficiencies, saving your business both time and money. These benefits are realized through improved production times and reduced programming, paper, and postage costs. Other advantages include minimized errors due to improved workflow and decreased compliance issues. 


Collaboration Is Key

If you’re still on the fence about how a CCM platform can help your organization, take a closer look at how your teams collaborate to deliver consistent customer communications. Chances are departments including Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance, Compliance, and Customer Service are heavily involved and there are likely disconnects and delays in getting your messages to market.   

Set your team up for success with a CCM platform that simplifies the collaboration process and removes IT dependency. A CCM platform offers a centralized location for your team to collaborate in real time. They can compose, customize, edit, test, approve, generate, and track customer correspondence with complete security and control.  

Streamlining your customer communications process will improve your team’s productivity, reduce costs, and boost your bottom line.

Your customers will notice too! Improving your internal communication workflow enhances customer experience. When your customers are happy, they tend to tell others about their positive experiences, and that can help expand your customer base.  


Challenges Choosing a CCM Platform

When deciding on a Customer Communications Management platform, consider what your customers want. A valuable CCM platform provides everything your customers desire at their fingertips to improve their experience. 

The biggest challenge is choosing the right platform for your organization. The perfect CCM platform gives your company a competitive edge by streamlining communications and enhancing customer experience. Ideally, it can increase market share, create a positive return on investment, improve internal workflows, and keep up with industry trends. A disappointing CCM platform, however, can cause inefficiencies, frustrations, diminished customer experiences, and loss of credibility. The stakes are high, but armed with this information, you’re on track to make the right choice. 

It's important to select the best CCM platform for your unique business needs. However, it’s even more important to choose one that will scale with your evolving company. You want a CCM platform that encourages digital adoption with flexibility for growth. It should champion automation, promote collaboration, and provide personalized content in a variety of output formats to connect with your customers.


Ready to Invest in a CCM Platform?  

Were here to help you every step of the way.  Venture Solutions offers a comprehensive Customer Communication Management platform to drive digital transformation through omni-channel delivery, with a focus on personalization, automation, and customer experience. Let’s collaborate! Contact us today to take control of your customer communications.



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