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Your data lives in multiple places. It gets managed by various people and processes. But you need it all to work together, and perform seamlessly. We’ll set you up with fast, secure customer data management solutions that make the most of your rich data by minimizing complexity while maximizing impact throughout the life of your program.

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Make every mailing more intelligent

Data optimization sets the tone for the entire production chain. Our repeatable, strategic customer data management services help you make the most of your critical communications program, offering improved ROI, increased document value, and deeper customer engagement.

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Data Integration

Manage multiple input files for your program with the confidence that comes from knowing your business requirements are fully understood and your data fully optimized. 

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Data Processing

Verify customer information for USPS Compliance (CASS™, DPV, LACSLink, NOCALink®) to get the right postal discounts.

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Segment and Channel Management

Segment records for efficient messaging, and optimize data processing for more effective channel management.

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Processing Automation

Easily program complex business rules for quick, accurate turnaround … and securely manage automatic notifications on input files.

Expertise in programming and data analysis

Asking the right questions can spell the difference between the success and failure of an important program. Before we get to customer data management, we ask strategic questions about your critical communications initiative. We incorporate best practices and program parameters into our proven logic. Only then do we move forward with recommendations.

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Don’t just communicate. Connect.  Find out how

Data Solutions

Data optimization is a critical first step in successful customer communications management. Our strategic solutions help you make the most of your communication program. To learn more tips on optimizing your communications check out Venture Solutions’ blog and learn how to successfully optimize your data.

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