Personalized Video Communications

More than ever, customers are demanding constant communications that are personalized to their needs and delivered in their preferred method. In the last year, the demand for video content has dramatically increased. By leveraging the power of video with variable data technology integration, you can engage your customers like never before.

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From customer name to account information, demographics, or language, boost engagement with endless options.

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Reduce Expenses

Leveraging video can help simplify complex documents, reducing volume spikes to your internal call centers.

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Measure and Track

With robust, real-time reporting at your fingertips, track your video campaign success to help strategize for future campaigns.

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Expand Relationships

Provide relevant product cross-sell recommendations to a targeted customer base you already do business with today.

How It Works

We can guide you through every step of the process, from video concept planning to delivery.

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It all starts with an idea


Whether you have something in mind or are interested in exploring our successful use cases, Venture Solutions will walk your team through the storyboarding process to bring your vision to life.

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Where the magic happens

Video Production

We have the experts and resources to build your perfect video, incorporating variable data integration, responsive design, and full, high-quality video production.

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Take Off

Getting it into the right hands


Couple complex print communications with a Personalized Video by leveraging QR codes on the document. Increase engagement even more by sending the video again in a follow-up email.

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