Harness the power of industry-leading automation and dynamic, intelligent design with TransForm™, our revolutionary form solution. Our guided, interactive digital forms are designed to increase user engagement, improve accuracy, and enhance data processing, all while minimizing operating costs.

How TransForm™ Works

Interactive Automation
Guide the user through digital formats with engaging, interview-style prompts that increase engagement and response rates, while also ensuring accurate data collection.
Simplified Connections
Save, resume, and edit forms across all available channels and devices, with direct, seamless integrations with your e-signature provider of choice.
Customizable Experience
Capture valuable, actionable data from a wide variety of formats, including acquisitions, requisitions, applications, registrations, and more.
Accessible and Actionable Data
Collect and validate real-time information from multiple systems and examine backend analytics, all from a single platform.
Increased Efficiency
Cut customer service call volumes by 45% by digitizing forms with self-service guidance and reduce incomplete and Not in Good Order (NIGO) forms from 35% to less than 2%.

Minimize Costs

Automated forms simplify complex communications and reduce errors, while self-service support options alleviate call center volumes and unnecessary costs for your business.


Boost Engagement

Improved processing times and providing real-time updates for your customers maximizes digital adoption and satisfaction rates.


Centralize Control

Access all the tools, processes, forms, real-time information, data, and back-end analytics your business needs in one convenient portal.


Simplify Compliance

Dynamic digital processes that scale and adapt to varying requirements and regulations make your business' compliance efforts all the more manageable.


Create Quality Forms

TransForm™ provides a single point of entry for all enterprise automation experiences, from custom format creation to omni-channel correspondence. In turn, TransForm™ helps users find the correct automated form using a guided, interactive experience with dynamic, logic-based recommendations. This streamlined, user-friendly customer experience increases engagement and response rates while also reducing the time to complete process by 60–75%.

Capture Actionable Data

The value of customer data lies in its quality and accessibility. TransForm™ integrates with systems of record to verify and pre-fill known information so that customer history and data remains standardized, convenient, and actionable. Our platform's state-of-the-art, intuitive digital automation experience ensures more accurate data collection and completion, so your business can accumulate with confidence.



Analyze Real-Time Results

Our automation system standardizes response data, allowing your business to validate customer information, track performance metrics, and respond correctly and quickly. TransForm™ keeps your data accessible and actionable, supporting backend analytics and enabling customers to save and update their forms. Our platform's data solutions empower our clients to make informed business decisions and enhance the way they interact with their customers.

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